Immediate recognition is everything, especially in the business and sports scene. For years, we have focused on developing all of our canopies services with passion, making the unaffordable affordable for all; offering custom products for events of all types. 

At California Canopy, we understand the entire process of providing canopies to our customers in order for them to efficiently share their message, logo, and brand in a way of which they can be proud.

canopies and giveaways common mistakes

canopies are one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies that businesses in Los Angeles apply during trade shows and public events. However, in order to build brand awareness and interest in your project, you need to know what canopies to give away. A poor looking gift will convey a cheap image of your brand and will end up in the trashcan.


Avoid wasting your investment in cheap canopies

It is important to take a look at your business or project and its goals before selecting a canopies. Then, consider canopies options that are popular and attractive, but most of all, they need to be useful and have a high staying power among consumers.

In order to ensure the success of your canopies project, at California Canopy, our professional staff will help you through the whole process from designing to fulfillment. Our experience has proven that a well-designed canopies will display your brand for a long time. Here are some of our most effective canopies:

  • {Term} – Caps, hats, and T-shirts have proven to be extremely popular among consumers and will keep them for a long time.
  • Tech accessories – Daily useful accessories like USB drives, flash drives, smartphone skins, flashlights, or power banks are great canopies.
  • Custom desk accessories – Promotional desk accessories have extremely staying power among consumers. Consider anything such as pens, calendars, notepads, or highlighters to print your brand in people’s offices.
  • Drinking bottles – More than just water bottles, any type of drinkware, including coffee mugs and travel mugs, are extremely effective canopies.
  • Multi-function items – Items that serve more than one purpose, such as flashlight keychains or bottle openers/rechargeable lighters, are really popular. An army knife, for instance, is a great multi-function canopies.

It doesn’t matter what kind of group you represent. It is time for your sports team, organization, foundation, business, or social association to get the recognition they deserve. At California Canopy, we can help you grow in the outdoor custom branding arena, reaching the important and strategic target audience you need in order to succeed.

If your team is stepping onto the field for the first time, if your business is starting in an unknown market, or if you are raising funds for your social foundation for the first time, California Canopy is here to help! It is time for you and your group to stand out in and outside Los Angeles. Through our affordable canopies services and the help of our professional staff, we will ensure you efficiently reach your target audience.


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