Immediate recognition is everything, especially in the business and sports scene. For years, we have focused on developing all of our fund raising campaign services with passion, making the unaffordable affordable for all; offering custom products for events of all types. 

At California Canopy, we understand the entire process of providing fund raising campaign to our customers in order for them to efficiently share their message, logo, and brand in a way of which they can be proud.

Selecting the correct fund raising campaign

Fundraising events and promotional shows are part of the daily lives of Temecula, CA citizens. They are excellent options for customers and potential partners get to know businesses, new products, and great innovative ideas that are worth sharing. Most of the fund raising campaign organizations and enterprises that come to these events understand that people love free stuff, and they take advantage of it by giving fund raising campaign and gifts to their visitors.

This is an amazingly effective strategy to place your brand or idea in people’s minds, and the more attractive the fund raising campaign is, the longer and better it will work. Therefore, it is important to understand which product will work with the right audience.


The most effective fund raising campaign should:

  • Be useful – People prefer items that are useful and provide immediate value, keeping them longer.  
  • High quality – Cheap, low-quality products usually end up in the trashcan. High-quality fund raising campaign will reflect firmly on an organization or brand.
  • Cool designed – fund raising campaign should be attractive. People must feel proud to wear them and use them.


Using fund raising campaign to its fullest 

Using fund raising campaign to promote awareness and increase engagement is one of the best ways to allow others to support your event, team, or cause. According to experts:

  • 53% of fund raising campaign are used/worn at least once a week
  • 60% keep fund raising campaign for up to two years
  • 44% increase in media recognition when adding branded fund raising campaign.
  • 500% more referrals can be generated with fund raising campaign over direct mail.

It doesn't matter what kind of group you represent. It is time for your sports team, organization, foundation, business, or social association to get the recognition they deserve. At California Canopy, we can help you grow in the outdoor custom branding arena, reaching the important and strategic target audience you need in order to succeed. If your team is stepping onto the field for the first time, if your business is starting in an unknown market, or if you are raising funds for your social foundation for the first time, California Canopy is here to help! It is time for you and your group to stand out in and outside Temecula, CA. Through our affordable fund raising campaign services and the help of our professional staff, we will ensure you efficiently reach your target audience.



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