Branding Materials to Feature Your School and Students on National Signing Day

National Signing Day is Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

For your start athletes, National Signing Day is the day where they put an end to the recruitment period and sign a letter of intent with a school. For a high school athlete, this is one of the most important days of their sports career. In anticipation of National Signing Day, make sure you have a professional photo backdrop or other branding materials ready. [caption id="attachment_5602" align="alignright" width="350"]Professional grade canopies Get custom canopies and other branding materials to promote your school on National Signing Day.[/caption]

National Signing Day

Being recruited by a top college to continue their sport is one of the most anticipated events in a high school athlete’s career.  National Signing Day is held of the first Wednesday in February and marks the first day of a three day signing period. This is when all the hard work pays off, and a high school senior athlete can sign a binding contract to go and play for a collegiate sports team. It’s a big day for sports and athletes, parents, teachers, schools, and sports fans. And, there is usually a lot of press, pomp, and circumstance involved.

Show Your Cards Day

Although all athletic programs end their recruiting period on National Signing Day, college football is by far the most anticipated of all sports recruitments. This year, college football added an “early signing period” that was held in December 2017. This day has also been dubbed Show Your Cards Day, as it is the day when athletes find out how serious the colleges are about recruiting them, and every college finds out if the athlete they’re wooing is actually interested. This three day period could change the recruiting game, but, for now, it’s not quite known how this early signing period will affect National Signing Day. Only time will tell.

School branding material for National Signing Day

One thing we do know is that if you have an athlete signing a letter to a prominent college, there will be press. Whenever you have an athlete who is lauded for their skills and achievements, you want to make sure that you have branding materials featuring your school. Any photograph of your athlete signing a National Letter of Intent should be in front of a backdrop featuring your school’s athletic program. And, when the athlete signs their letter, it should be at a table covered with a branded tablecloth, also featuring your school and athletic program.

Get good press on National Signing Day

[caption id="attachment_4796" align="alignleft" width="350"]School branding National Signing Day is a great branding opportunity for your school.[/caption] If your school's athletic programs produce start players that go on to sign with big schools you want to turn that into great press for your school. Photo backdrops, customized tablecloths, and banners featuring your star athletes, coaches, and programs will make all press and feature stories look and feel professional. Make sure that your school is prominently and professionally featured in the media with the right branding materials.

Be Ready For National Signing Day

California Canopy offers professional grade branding materials, from banners, tablecloths, flags, and accessories. Any school that has athletes signing letters on National Signing Day should use this opportunity to brand their school and athletic program. Showing the world that you produce top athletes that go on to get athletic scholarships is a great draw for future students. Make sure your materials are up to the task and put your school in a great light.