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Professional Grade Hexagon Tuff Coated Canopy Steel Frame

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"How much more pride are they going to have now when they have this kind of stuff, and when they show up with the golf clubs and they show up with the canopy and it has their name on it, they're going to feel an even greater sense of pride of their school, which will then impact their feelings about themselves, impact their feelings about being a student, being an accomplished student, getting their best grades, working as hard as possible... that kind of thing to me... is like giving them the best of both worlds."Rich Smith - Lakeside High School Golf Coach


“It shows other students that… I’ve never played golf, I didn’t know much about golf when I came here and really getting into it (golf) with my teammates… it was really nice to have that support to feel a part of a team, and I think this is going to further the experience for anyone else who decides to join and for any people like myself who haven’t played golf, and even if people have played golf and they come here, it’s going to make them feel more connected and it’s going to make us feel as one big team.”Joseph – Lincoln High School Golf Team


“The canopy is very nice and I’m actually very happy with it. It kinda gives us a sense of pride too… and it makes us feel like we are a part of something bigger… and we’re also very gracious that these organizations are able to hand it to us because we’re just really into the sport and want to get better at it. It’s a very amazing thing to have, especially for us.”Sebastian – Lakeside High School Golf Team


“I mean to me… it gets me emotional just talking about it just because of a need and these kids aren’t… necessarily… having all (of) the same privileges as other kids around the area, and so…something as positive as this… this really helps people (realize) that people do care… people are out there to help and support. The scholarships in golf… the funding in golf is there, it’s just… how do we get the kids attracted to it, and something like this (canopy) helps bring awareness.”Michael Hall – Lincoln High School Golf Coach