California Canopy and ClubsForeYouth® Give Back to Local Underprivileged Schools and Athletic Organizations

At California Canopy we’re always trying to give back to local schools and our community. Part of our missions statement is to ensure that underserved groups in our community have access to quality custom canopies to make their recreational experiences better. Thanks to our customers and The Affordable Care Act, every canopy sold means a canopy given away to a deserving school or athletic organization. [caption id="attachment_8972" align="alignright" width="300"]Custom Canopies California Canopy and ClubsForeYouth® are giving back to local schools and athletes.[/caption]

Giving back to local underserved schools and organizations

No matter what your socio or economic background, we believe that every person should have the same opportunities to be part of a team or a group, having a chance to excel in their achievements. One of the organizations that California Canopy gives back to is ClubsForeYouth®, an organization started by the Southern California PGA Foundation. ClubsForeYouth® works with local student-athletes to provide everything they need, from transportation to equipment, to foster their development.

Impact of ClubsForeYouth®

Every little bit counts and something as simple as a custom canopy can provide shade and shelter, and a little bit of team spirit and unity. Every time we sell a canopy we give a portion of the proceeds to the Affordable Canopy Act, which then goes to donating canopies to underprivileged schools or athletic organizations. We are proud to work with ClubsForeYouth® that is making a big difference in the lives of many local athletes, especially female athletes. Check out how ClubsForeYouth® has impacted our community and supported local athletes.  

Give back to your community

Every time someone purchases one or more custom canopies, they are helping fund the gift of a custom canopy to an underprivileged school or athletic organization at no out of pocket cost to them. Together we work with our partners, likeClubsForeYouth®, to identify teams, leagues, and schools that would benefit the most. Get high-quality commercial grade custom canopies and other branding materials for your school, company, or organization and give back to your local community with every purchase.