California Canopy Makes Your School Look Good Everywhere You Go

Every club and team deserves to have their own branded products to promote team unity and school pride. However, having a new logo and custom products made for each team can get expensive. At California Canopy, we sell custom branded products at wholesale prices, making it affordable for every school to make their clubs and teams look good.Promoting school sports club

Custom branded products

Custom branded products make your teams and clubs look more professional, they promote your school, and they make your athletes, members, and fans feel like they belong. California Canopy has a big inventory of products that can be custom branded. Having all of your branded materials made with one company is going to save you money, without compromising quality.

Custom canopies

Any school club or team needs to be promoted. You need to make your presence known at all school activities so that you can spread awareness and make new recruits. The more professional your marketing materials, the more attractive you will be to new members, students, and athletes. Custom canopies will help market and promote, as well as provide comfort and shade from the California sun. Our canopies travel well, are of high quality and easy to break down and set up.

Marketing materials

Promoting school teamsOnce you have your custom canopy, it’s time to decorate with more custom branded marketing materials. A logo on flags, banners, table cloths, and chairs is a simple way to market your club or team. A photo backdrop with a logo means that your club or team will be featured in every photo and on social media.

Working with a limited budget

California Canopy understands that schools, teams, and clubs are working with a limited budget. By providing affordable professional grade custom canopies and other marketing materials, we are helping to impact the lives of students and athletes positively. Professional products increase school spirit and pride, making every team and club look good wherever they go. California Canopy is proud to serve local and national sports programs, education institutions, community groups, and businesses, providing an affordable solution to promoting and building team environments through custom products and fundraising campaigns.