Canopies Are Essential for Successful Golf Tournaments

Hosting a golf tournament is a big job with many small details that need to be taken care of so everything runs smoothly. One of the main considerations is providing a bit of shade and shelter along the way, both for participants, as well as, spectators. Canopies and pop-up tents are an essential element in every successful golf tournament.

Protection From the Elements

A golf tournament can take all day, cover large distances, and provide little shade. The design of a golf course means that all guests, staff, and sponsors are going to be exposed to direct sunlight for hours on end. To make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved, you need to create quality and comfortable accommodations. Having enough canopy tents on hand to set up areas for all purposes will make the event feel more organized. For a golf tournament fundraiser, the stakes are high. The more organized and considerate you are with planning the event, the more successful it will be. [caption id="attachment_5920" align="aligncenter" width="770"]Custom school canopies for events Make your tournament look professional with custom canopies.[/caption]

Shade for Participants, Fans, and Staff

To some, golf tournaments move slowly but make no mistake, all the participants and their caddies are no slouches. An 18 hole golf course can sometimes cover over 100 acres, and if you’re lucky, the sun will be shining down on you all day long. Although there may be trees outlining the course, if you’re in the shade of a tree during a golf tournament you are doing something wrong. Hopefully, everyone will keep to the green, which means there’s little relief from the elements. Setting up canopies along the course to allow everyone rest and shade will make everyone feel much more comfortable. Make sure you account for everyone so that none of the participants feel left out. Customize each canopy so that they match in style and in design, making the tournament look much more glamorous and sophisticated. Matching canopies will elevate the entire look and feel of your golf tournament.

Canopies for Vendors

[caption id="attachment_1815" align="alignleft" width="350"]Custom canopies, flags, and banners Be sure to have canopies set up for vendor booths along the course.[/caption] There will be sponsors and vendors that want to be represented at the tournament. Setting up booths that are customized and attractive will draw in more people to shop, raising more money for your event.

Canopies for VIP Guests

The VIP guests want to feel like they are getting an experience above and beyond the other guests. Set up canopies with comfortable seating and VIP service to make VIP guests feel appreciated. Provide comfortable and luxury seating for added service.

Food and Drinks

Your club members and VIP guests will need to quench their thirst and their appetites. Enhance the entire VIP section by having a bar and food section. You will want to have canopies set up to provide shade for the bar, as well as the food section.

Canopies for Staff and Caddies

Treating your employees to comfortable working conditions is going to make everyone work harder. Provide a rest and shade area for the caddies and other staff that are working hard to make this event a success. The more you treat everyone to a good day and show that you have thought about everyone, will also show your guests that you appreciate their support and their contributions. Buy high-quality custom canopies for wholesale prices to make your golf tournament look exclusive and professional.