Choose A Chair For Your Type Of Event

When you are looking for some practical marketing tools for an event, you will find there is no shortage of products on the market. But one of the best ways to create a brand impact is with custom-designed chairs. We at California Canopy are a leading company in this industry and have many marketing products, including a range of chairs. The types of chairs you choose will depend on the type of event and the customization options you need.

Types of Custom Chairs

  • [caption id="attachment_10989" align="alignright" width="444"]custom chairs selecting the correct type of chair is as important as the correct design.[/caption] Universal Folding Chair- This is an attractive sideline chair, and we can print your business of school design on the seat and backrest. The latter has a curved design that makes this simple chair very comfortable.
  • Custom Stadium Chair- These chairs are comfortable and durable. The patented design has bungee-cord cushioning. The stadium chairs have a steel-frame construction that makes them stable and durable. The tough Cordura canvas adds to their resilience.
  • Beach Chair- This portable chair option is perfect for seating at outdoor sporting events or in beach settings. The polyester material and sturdy metal frame make them very durable yet lightweight. The chairs have comfortable armrests and back support too. They can be folded up in seconds, are stackable and take up very little storage space.
  • Sideline Chair- You can dress up your sideline with this high-quality seating solution. There are two variants, and both have cushioned seats that are comfortable. These sturdy chairs are customizable in the printing you want, and we can print your desired logo or design on the seat and back.
Folding Chair- These comfortable custom-designed chairs are lightweight and portable. They come with a convenient bag making it easy for you to carry them. You can choose from nylon fabric in colors such as red, blue, maroon, and more. We can custom print these for your sporting event in the design and content you want. As you can see, we have a wide variety of products on offer that become the ideal marketing tools.  These custom-designed chairs are a great way to make the brand impact you want while having comfortable seating at your event. You can connect with us and get more information about these chairs and how we can customize them for you. Our expert team will provide you detailed information about these chairs and their specific characteristics and costs.