Choosing a canopy for your wedding

Choosing a canopy for your wedding could be quite stressful, which is why at California Canopy we are always happy to advise and help our customers choose what is right for them.

Indeed, the perfect canopy will not only look stunning, but it also needs to be practical and allow guests to move around comfortably, having all the fun they want.

What you need to consider

The location is, of course, the first thing to consider, as it dictates on which surface to place your canopy, whether it is concrete, wood, or grass, for example. You also need to calculate the size of the canopy you need. That is according to the number of guests, and the configuration of the tables and chairs. Will you have a buffet, partial seating, or cocktail party seating? Will you have music, and will people be dancing?

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If the wedding takes place in the evening, you need to check power sources for lighting and heating if necessary. Of course, the season makes a big difference; while a good ambiance is critical, people also have to feel physically comfortable. You may want to invest in heating, fans, or portable air conditioning units, as you do not want them to freeze or get overheated.

Design your canopy

With all this in mind, once you know precisely what kind of wedding canopy you want, you can start designing. It may well be that this is where the fun begins, but it is nevertheless not as easy as you may think! That is the time when California Canopy steps in and comes to the rescue. Let the professionals help you, guide you, and take the stress away. Our trained consultants understand your needs and desires so that together, we can accomplish more with the wedding canopy of your dreams, at the finish line.

Don’t hesitate to visit us. Our offices are located in Temecula, and our warehouse is in San Diego. If you would like some information first, pick up your phone, we will gladly give you all the information you need to make your wedding reception the best day of your life.