Get Custom Branded Canopies for Your Kids Extra Curricular Activities

Parents spend an incredible amount of time cheering for their kids at various sporting events. No one has more team spirit than parents. When you’re sitting outside, rain or shine, get yourself outfitted with custom branded canopies and folding chairs with school and team logos to look your best and support your team.

Parents need to show school spirit

It’s estimated that parents can sometimes spend approximately three to four hours a week watching and cheering for their kids at sporting events and extracurricular activities. Rain or shine, the parents are there to support their kids and their team. Having merchandise with team logos and school colors will let other parents know which team they belong to, as well as make it easy for their kids to find them in a crowd.

Showing school spirit

From the age of four to graduation, cheering on your kids is almost a fulltime job. If you have more than one kid, that tradition will continue. However, your kids may play different sports, but chances are they’ll be going to the same schools. That makes it easy to customize a canopy and a few folding chairs with school logos and colors. With school colors, you can take your canopy and chairs to any sporting event and be sporting the right team colors.

Canopies that are easy to transport

Our canopies are not only easy to customize to suit your team and school, but they are lightweight, sturdy, and easy to transport to home games and away games. Plus, they are high-quality so that they will last through many seasons and several kids. Wherever you go, the canopies and chairs will go with you.


Sports play all year round, which means you have to sit outside through all kinds of weather. Our canopies are weather resistant. They’ll keep you cool on bright sunny days, and keep out rain and wind on colder night games or during the cooler seasons. You can add walls to keep out the elements, and then put them on or take them off depending on the weather. Get quality custom canopies and other branded materials to show school spirit.