Decorative Promotional Items to Make High School Prom a Night to Remember

It’s prom season! This is one of the most significant events in the life of every teenager. Prom night is a rite of passage and should be a night to remember. Some of the greatest memories happen at school dances, especially the senior prom. To make high school prom even more memorable, customize keepsakes and giveaways. Also, don’t forget about that infamous prom photo!

Making prom a night to remember

Senior Prom Every big event needs to be branded. Make prom night even more memorable with customized products to brand the event. Get branding materials that will complement the theme of the prom, and give every student something to remember.

Photo backdrop

The biggest takeaway from prom is the prom photo. Whether you’re with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you’re going to prom with a big group of friends, everyone is going to want a photo. You can frame that photo with a custom photo backdrop featuring your prom logo, theme, school name, and the date.

Prom giveaways

All students are going to want something to remember prom night. T-shirts, key-chains, water bottles, and other fun items can be customized to represent your high school and prom theme. Little keepsakes are something that seniors can hold on to, something that will keep friends connected as they end one chapter in their lives and embark on new adventures.

Branding your prom for social media

Branding for school promPromotional and custom branded items are fun little details that can help decorate and make the senior prom a night to remember. It’s one of the final get-togethers for seniors, so you want to make it count, and make it look spectacular. You can also use prom night as a way to brand your school. In the age of social media, prom is going to be featured heavily on all platforms, so make sure to get fun and decorative branding items, so your school looks good on social media photos. Get custom branding materials for school dances, formals, junior prom, senior prom and other school events from California Canopy.