Get Your New Custom Canopies and Branded Materials Before the New School Year

The kids are all out shopping for all new school gear, supplies, and clothes. They’re all ready to look good for you and make you proud, so you should repay your students by getting custom canopies and other marketing materials to promote your school, making your students and athletes feel welcome.

Custom school canopies

Custom canopies for schoolsSporting events and student activities are part of the fabric of normal high school and college life. Make your students and athletes feel like they belong, whether you’re at home or away with custom canopies, flags, banners, and other marketing materials representing your school.

Make your students proud

School pride is something that you want to instill in your students from the first day they step onto campus. When you boost your school colors, wave flags and banners with your school logo and mascot, you will make your students, teachers, parents, and spectators proud. You want to stand out in a crowd, be memorable, and start the year off right. 

Complete package

Why stop at just a custom canopy and a few banners. Get custom designed tablecloths, chairs, games, merchandise, and other fun stuff. Make handouts and gifts to give to potential new students that come to every event.

Star treatment

Custom school marketing materialsTreat your students and your athletes like stars and get a photo backdrop for VIP selfies. The first day of school should be special, so why not make it "red carpet" special with a custom designed step. Make sure that you get your school colors and logo into a few Instagram posts to expand your reach and solidify yourself as #1.

Custom school marketing materials

When you buy from California Canopy you are not just getting a quality product, but you can get all of your schools promotional and branding materials from one place. Customizing products with your logo and design is simple, easy, and cost-effective. We sell in bulk, which will give you bigger savings, plus our turnaround is fast, so you can get your materials in time for the new school year. California Canopy is a family owned business. We want to help you share your message at every event, in a way that you, your school, students, teachers, parents, alumni, and athletes can be proud.