Giving Back to the Community Is Good for Everyone

Share the Love and Lend a hand

Students and teachers in our communities are often finding themselves in need of school and sports supplies. You can step up to help facilitate their learning by contributing school supplies. Donation of promotional products to local schools is an excellent way to increase the motivation of the students. Concerns about a lack of quality school supplies weigh heavily on the community. The simple donation of supplies or imprinted mugs or caps - with the school teams logo - with intentions of helping your local schools, will stand out in the minds of parents and educators alike. Not only giving back to the community gives you a pleasant feeling of connectedness and the satisfaction of helping others, but contributes to the wellness of every member of our community.

Everyone Can Participate

Everyone including parents, teachers, and local businesses can join hands to make a difference for the teams and schools they are associated with by donating goods or money for “custom products” or volunteering time to help raise money for “custom school branding.” Because custom products make a positive impact on the school and team environments, contributing to build unity, helping students and players to look and feel good.

Organize a Fundraiser

To really show support for your team, you can get a school fundraiser started. A school bake sale, bingo, or other fun extracurricular events aid young people to raise funds to donate to their team while also getting them involved in school activities. You can promote the event by printing flyers and wearing t-shirts with the name of the fundraiser and the date of the event.

Give Back All-Year Round

Do not just do it at the end of the year. We understand that during the holiday season, we are more empathic and willing to aid others. But, there are always those who are underserved and will appreciate our help all year round. Luckily, California Canopy can give you a hand. You can become a partner in our Affordable Canopy Act to help others. Affordable Canopy Act

Learn how you can give back with the ACA program, call us on 800-944-5187.