Help Your Local Sports Program!

How can you help your local sports programs, clubs, or schools?

Through the ACA: Affordable California Canopy Act

What is it?

An underserved school or athletic organization receives their very own custom canopy, custom sidewall, photo backdrop, tablecloth, and a banner flag through the Affordable Canopy Act.

You can become a sponsor of the ACA and work with California Canopy.

How does it work?

It's a foundation and a way to give back to your community. Whether you are purchasing custom canopies for your school, organization or business – every time a purchase is made, at no added cost to you-you are making an impact and helping fund the gift of a custom canopy to underprivileged schools and athletic organizations through the Affordable Canopy Act. It's a way of getting out in the community, getting recognition through the media, such as print, video, audio, or radio.

What is the impact on students?canopy for schools´teams

Students feel special, they feel they are a real team. They will have a sense of pride in their school that will impact their performance at any sport. They feel they are part of something great, showing the community they are just like a family. Students say "Before, we were just a no-name team, a generic team kind.  Nobody knew who we were."  With a custom canopy, they feel special; they feel they are a real team. Custom canopies are the perfect mobile team headquarters. Anybody can see it from a distance and know "there is our team."

Advantages of purchasing a canopy:

  • California Canopy makes high-quality products. You can choose from 100´s of designs or design your own.
  • The ideal solution is a canopy, which allows you to stay together as a team and out of the sun or rain while preparing for the game. Support Sports Programs

Help us spread the word and let’s make a difference in the lives of students and athletes together.