How to Design an Effective School Banner

There’s no doubt that custom school banners can lift school spirit and create a common bond between your students. But, a school banner can also be what draws potential students to choose your school. So, when you design your school banner, make sure your design stands out and is relatable to your cause. Here are our tips for designing an effective school banner.

Customizing a banner for your school

[caption id="attachment_1812" align="alignleft" width="300"]School banner design Use school colors consistently in every banner design.[/caption] There are many times when a school banner is the perfect promotional tool. A well-designed school banner can attract prospective students, promote your school teams and clubs, and inform students about causes and events. They can also be decorative and promote school pride. But, whatever the banner is supposed to promote, there are tricks that count for every school banner design.

Purpose of your banner

For your message to be clear, you need to first understand the purpose of your banner. They can be informational, promotional, or inspirational. When you know the purpose of your banner and design accordingly, then students, parents, and teachers should respond favorably.

School colors create consistency

Every school banner regardless of the purpose should reflect your school. And, it should go without saying that using school colors on every banner will create brand consistency. No matter what you are promoting with a school banner, you always want viewers to recognize your colors and start positively associating your banners with your school.

Banner text

[caption id="attachment_1823" align="alignright" width="300"]School banners for orientation Orientation is a great time to break out custom school banners.[/caption] A banner should be simple, concise, and legible. Banners should also be easily identified in a large area, and in a crowd. Do not overcrowd your banner with too much text and information. A simple message or slogan is all you need for an effective banner. Using a school logo can also be very effective, but you have to make sure that you don’t over design or crowd your banner with too many design elements. Design your school's banner

Overall composition

The size and placement of your design will be the final touch, and it is what will give your banner balance and flow. Make sure that the size of the logo and the text is proportionate to the size of the banner. Parents, teachers, and students need to be able to identify your banner message at a glance, so make sure that you balance out the design elements just right.

Custom school banners

Improve your school brand with custom banners. Custom design banner flags, drop down banners, or backdrop banners. Our design studio gives you a chance to design the perfect school banner for every school event.