Improve the Look of Your Sports Field with Custom Windscreens

Decorating your baseball, softball, and football fields with custom windscreens isn’t just about vanity. Custom windscreens can improve player performance and increase your chances of winning. They can also make your field look and feel professional, creating a better experience for both players, coaches, and fans.

Custom windscreens improve player performance

Being a great athlete requires skill and focus. In an open field, both weather and spectators can be a distraction. Windscreens can help your athletes focus. Windscreens can also block the wind and the noise, improving the circumstances for your players. The more your players can see, hear, focus, and predict the movement of the ball, the better the chances of winning. [caption id="attachment_5928" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Custom windscreens Block out distraction in the outfield and make your sports field look more professional with a custom windscreen.[/caption]

Windscreens help players focus

Windscreens in the outfield

When your outfield is nothing more than a chain linked fence, having custom windscreens will block out the sightlines so that spectators aren’t peeking through the fences and causing a distraction. Players expect cheering, jeering and fan interactions from the stands, but when you’re standing in the outfield, a windscreen can block out those distractions. Blocking the view through the outfield fence will prevent fans from getting too close and distracting the players.

Windscreens for dugouts

When players are in the dugout, they need to stay focused and concentrated. Windscreens can help create a bit of privacy between fans and players. It will help players keep their head in the game. [caption id="attachment_5876" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Custom windscreens Customized windscreens can improve player performance and fan experience.[/caption]

Windscreens block wind and noise

Weather conditions, especially windy conditions, will impact the game. A windscreen can block out the wind, making it easier for players to predict the movement of the ball. It’s also important for players to be able to hear what’s going on. How the ball sounds when it hits the bat can help determine how far it will travel. Players also need to communicate with each other. The more you can reduce outside noise, the better your team can communicate and hear what’s going on in the field.

Custom windscreens

As practical as windscreens are, you also want to make them look good. Customize windscreens with team colors, logos, and artwork to personalize your field. You can highlight individual players and MVPs, or you can customize each design to be inspirational or informative. Make sure you get windscreens that are made specifically for you to improve the look of your field. A more attractive and professional looking sports field will improve fan and player experiences. Custom windscreens California Canopy will help create a custom branding plan to meet your organization's specific needs. There are 1000’s of custom branded products to choose from including professional grade custom canopies at wholesale prices, banner flags, tablecloths, photo backdrops, cornhole sets, sideline chairs, windscreens, gym graphics, wall murals, promotional products and much more! Your dedicated account team will walk you through the process step by step from artwork creation to delivery.