Maximize Your Branding Budget by Working With One Branding Source

Branding is the lifeblood of a successful business bringing in the best talent from around the world, and a loyal customer base. Branding can even elevate your school or educational institution. Branding your school will bring in more talent in sports and academics, and build a larger fanbase. But, you need to spend your branding budget wisely. California Canopy offers an easy and cost-effective full branding solution with our Universal Branding Pack.

One branding source

[caption id="attachment_5922" align="alignright" width="300"]Maximize Branding Budget Customize your branding pack to suit your organization or educational institution.[/caption] Working with just one company for all of your branding needs will save time and money. Our Universal Branding Pack (UBP) is a cost-effective time-saving solution to your branding needs. If you are branding your organization or educational institution correctly, you’re going to need continued branding materials. The UBP will streamline your branding needs with a prepaid customized product branding account. Working with one source for your branding will maximize your marketing budget.

Discounts on branding materials

When you buy products in bulk you will often get a discount. And, when you compartmentalize all of your branding materials needs with California Canopy, we can give you great discounts on bulk purchases. Our Universal Branding Packs start as low as $3000 and can secure funding for branding materials for up to 21-months. Once you’ve chosen the right UBP for your needs, we will immediately lock in your annual discounts. You can see the discounts on branding materials from the start.

Customize your branding plan

[caption id="attachment_5918" align="alignleft" width="300"]Save money on branding Working with one source for all your branding materials will save money.[/caption] Branding is all about customization. That is why we help you create a custom branding plan that is specific to your organization or educational institution. And, we have a variety of custom branded products to choose from. Just because we are helping you stretch your budget, doesn’t mean we are reducing quality. All of our products are professional grade, at wholesale prices. California Canopy is proud to serve local and national sports programs, education institutions, community groups, and businesses, providing an affordable solution to promoting and building team environments through custom products and fundraising campaigns. Our mission is to provide professional grade custom products at affordable prices, helping every school, team, and business stand out from the crowd!