Promotional Banner Flags for a School Sports Tournament

The next time your school is hosting a sports tournament, decorate the grounds with festive banner flags. They can help raise school spirit, promote sponsors, and serve as meeting points for spectators and fans. Create some pomp and circumstance with custom banner flags at your next sports tournament.Custom banner flags for sports tournaments

Uses for custom banner flags

When you host a sports tournament, one of the key elements is creating the right atmosphere for your teams and your spectators. That means that the grounds need to be well organized, there has to be great signage to direct foot traffic, and you need vendors and sponsors to make it all come together. And of course, you need to make sure that you prominently feature the sports teams that are competing. Multi-colored banner flags can help you create a fun and energetic tone. Banner flags can inform spectators, they can mark each court, and they can promote vendors and advertisers.

Promotional banner flags

Customize banner flags Banner flags at a tournament is a great way to promote vendors and sponsors. Not only are they decorative, but they can give each sponsor their own private space, instead of having to share a big “sponsor wall” where each logo is printed. A banner flag gives individual recognition and thanks to each sponsor. With many people walking all over the grounds, banner flags are a great way to draw attention to vendors. They are eye-catching, without being too big. A banner flag stakes easily into the ground and won’t take up a lot of space, while still being eye-catching.

Custom school banner flag

Besides vendors and sponsors, you want to be sure to properly promote the schools that are competing. Designate areas for each school to set up a booth and promote their team. Give them custom banner flags with a logo and school colors to mark their territory, encourage friendly competition and school spirit.

Custom banner flags in California

Our custom banner flags are affordable and cost-effective. They are lightweight, eye-catching, and can serve every purpose at your next sports tournament. And they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Buy custom banner flags in bulk and get a discount. Choose the color and the design and get a quick quote on custom banner flags.