Simple Guide for Choosing the Right Canopy Tent Frame

Factors that Determine Which Frame to Choose

The frame of the canopy tent is as crucial as the quality of the fabric. And, when it comes to deciding which is the right canopy tent frame, you must consider several factors, including the frame’s durability, weight, and leg angle (straight leg or slanted leg). The frame's strength and mass will tell you whether you use an aluminum or a steel frame. To help you make an informed buying decision, here are some characteristics of each type of material.

Aluminum Frame

This material weighs around a third less than steel, which makes it most comfortable to pack for transportation. Because of the nature of the material (the oxide layer is an existing part of the aluminum), these frames will not rust or chip. This characteristic makes the aluminum frame resistant to corrosion. Aluminum Frame Canopy Use these frames for higher frequency during sunny or calm weather, and when the budget is not a concern.

Steel Frame

Steel is more substantial and stronger than aluminum and can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, it is not resistant to rust and corrosion as aluminum. Even though these frames are cheaper than their counterparts, they are more challenging to transport and assemble due to their weight. Steel Frame Canopy Use a steel frame for recreation purposes such as the backyard BBQ, the beach, or birthday parties.

Get a Custom Canopy from California Canopy

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