The Affordable Canopy Act

A Special Give Back Program

The Affordable Canopy Act, also known as the ACA, is a special program created by California Canopy. The goal is to help underprivileged schools, clubs, leagues, and teams to have access to custom branding. Helping people feel united and confident through custom branding, while at the same time providing them with the necessary resource of shade and shelter is possible!

How Does It Work?

Every time a purchase is made, at no added cost to you, you are making an impact and helping fund the gift of a custom canopy to disadvantaged schools and athletic organizations through the Affordable Canopy Act. California Canopy will present at least (1) 10’x10 custom canopy every month to an underprivileged school, club, league or team.become an ACA partner Whether you are purchasing custom canopies for your school, organization or business, you are contributing. Also, you can become a partner of the Affordable Canopy Act and help us identify underprivileged programs or teams within your organization who would qualify as a recipient of a custom canopy.

Qualifying Criteria

Any school, club, league or team that has a significant disadvantage to the competition regarding equipment or team branding due to financial limitations and funding are eligible. We believe in helping to unify and build confidence in students and athletes through custom branding and as the motto says look good, feel good, play good! California Canopy is excited to partner with your organization and help your constituents be the best they can be everywhere they go. Register now to become a partner and let’s make a significant impact on students and athletes together.custom canopy California

Here at California Canopy we believe youth and athletic programs with limitations on funding and team branding deserve to have access to custom canopies, and we are making that happen with the Affordable Canopy Act, but we need your help. Spread the word and let’s make a difference in the lives of students and athletes together!