Types of Canopy Tent Legs

Slant Leg Vs. Straight Leg Canopies

The legs of your canopy tent are a critical component of your tent. There are two main types of tent legs: Slant legs and Straight legs. The differences go beyond their design. The kind of leg you select will affect the coverage and the stability of your tent. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Slant Legs

This type of leg delivers a more stable assembly on bumpy, uneven terrain. Plus, they are easy to install and more aesthetically pleasing and sleek than straight leg tents. However, because the legs slant upwards, they will take up more space and provide less shade than a tent with straight legs. Also, they are less expensive than its counterpart.Slant Leg Canopy Use them for expos and trade shows running over a short duration and moving locations frequently. They also make a perfect shelter at the beach, while camping or picnicking infrequently.

Straight Legs

They are easy to transport and don’t take a lot of space. They offer a more stable assembly on flat, hard surfaces. Plus, you can use shade wall add-ons with them.Straight Leg Canopy Tents with straight legs are a perfect option for when you need a full ceiling height in a canopy without obstruction. In sum, tents with straight legs bring in more stability to the frame and will give you more shade without taking up more space while tents with slant legs are more pleasing to the eye and cheaper than straight leg canopy tents. Regardless of the type of leg you choose for your tent, California Canopy has all you need. We offer these professional graded products: hexagon aluminum frames, hexagon steel frames, and hexagon texture coated steel frames. Visit our website to learn more details about our custom canopy tents, or you can design custom products online here.