Well designed booths to help you stand out

[caption id="attachment_9786" align="alignright" width="281"]How essential it is to stand out How easy it is to be successful[/caption]

If you are familiar with trade shows and fairs, you understand how essential it is to stand out, mainly because of the heavy competition you are facing daily. To stand out, you need an excellent canopy, and this is where California Canopy steps in. To start with, here are a few guidelines that may come useful in this significant venture.

Draw attention to yourself

You need bright and eye-catching advertising; the main goal is for you to attract the right attendees, not just any curious passer-by. If you are a young or lesser-known brand, this is even more critical. The name or tagline is what you need to work on first. It has to be short and straight to the point. Remember that people will need to read and interpret it in just a few seconds! For a young start-up brand, the tagline is as essential as the name, if not more, as it can be instrumental in drawing the crowd to your booth. A clever slogan will attract the right crowd.

What do you want people to remember?

The impact your canopy will have on the attendees must be compelling. Let's say you are launching a new product or pushing forward a new idea; this has got to leave a strong, lasting impression, an image that will stick.

Use the back wall of the booth

The back wall is what people will see. Make sure to use it wisely by conveying the idea or item you want your audience to remember. If your booth is large, you may even have two back walls to use for drawing attention.

Do not overcrowd your canopy

[caption id="attachment_10241" align="alignleft" width="249"]Do not underestimate empty space! Do not overcrowd your canopy[/caption]

Do not underestimate empty space! It is one of the top rules as far as booth design graphics are concerned; empty space is just as valuable, so remember to avoid cluttering your canopy with unnecessary information. You only get one shot, be memorable, in other words, be the star of the show.

For great ideas for designing your own canopy, give us a call or even better, drop by our office in Temecula, or visit our warehouse in San Diego. We will show you how easy it is to be successful.