Branding? I don't get it


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Branding? I don't get the it.

Question Not to sound ignorant, but what is the real value in branding and why is there so much focus on it? I’ve got a logo, business cards and I know what I have to offer my clients, but I don’t see why I’d need to put my logo on a bunch of things, I sell myself. 3 Tip Explanation Thank you for being forward and asking a valid question. Here are 3 tips on why branding is important, and the value custom products offer to your bottom line. Tip 1: Get Impressions – The Rule of 7 in Branding It is said that a person needs to see your logo seven times to create pattern recognition in their brain so they can remember who you are. Therefore, the more impressions of your brand and logo you can give them the better the chance they will remember you. By golly put that logo everywhere. Make custom shirts, custom tablecloths, custom pens and anything else that you use for displays or daily so everyone can see your brand. Branding is about proudly spreading the message of who you are and what you represent.   Tip 2: Looking Professional & First Impressions Have you ever met an individual only to wonder if they looked in the mirror before they left the house?  That’s a first impression and when you are promoting yourself or your brand its important you look good while doing it. By the wording in your question I’ll assume you are a business. Whether you are setting up a booth at an event, attending a networking social or have an office front where your clients come to meet you, a great way to look professional and make a quality first impression is to have clean, clear and quality branding front and center. Pop up your custom canopy, set up your branded banner flags and step up your game with a custom floor mat for your entry door and you’ll not only look professional but impress beyond words. While we can appreciate the underdog, when it comes down to it, we are more likely to feel comfortable and do business with those who show up looking professional, organized and ready to service or perform.   Tip 3: Don’t Assume They Know Who You Are & What You Do Believe it or not, if you don’t have a logo that’s been marketed to your audience the last 20 years, most people likely don’t know who you are or what you do. Branding is the first step to help them learn what you offer and where to find you. To give a little context. Nike started in 1964 as the name Blue Ribbon and was changed to Nike in 1978. The famous swoosh logo was launched until 1971 on certain pairs of shoes they offered. It wasn’t until 1973 the first American athlete and basketball star Steve Prefontaine endorsed the Nike shoe brand with the swoosh. It took Phil Knight 14 years to build up his brand and many more years to create the household name it is today. It was through hard work and consistent brand exposure that has taken Nike to be a recognized symbol throughout the world. Now I’m not saying everyone needs to brand the way Nike did and that becoming a household name is their biggest goal, but what I am saying is that to grow any brand you have to be showing the world who you are and what you offer. Custom branded products are how you gain that exposure. The great thing is they come in many different shapes and sizes so you can brand anytime and anywhere. Think big like a custom canopy or small like a custom note pad, but whatever you do brand yourself wherever you go.   Have a pressing branding question you need help with today? Call me directly at 800-944-5187 ext. 805 Want to ask a Branding Question of the Week (BQW) – start here. Check out these other Branding Questions of the Week (BQW)