Why Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine?



Why laughter really is the best medicine? 

When was the last time you laughed, I mean really laughed? You know the kind of laugh that leaves you hunched over, stomach aching and eyes filled with tears. Well if you haven’t had a good laugh in a while, there’s no better time than the present. In fact, with everything going on in the world many are experiencing heighted levels of stress, extensive periods of loneliness, and bouts of depression due to extreme changes in health, work and home life. Laughter is said to be the best medicine for far more reasons then its free and it gets your mind off your present reality. Let me fill in you in on the truth behind laughter. Did you know laughter:
  1. Reduces your stress response. When laughing your muscles contract causing your body to increase blood flow and oxygenation. This response stimulates your heart and lungs causing you to release the feel-good chemical “endorphins”, helping to ease physical pain while producing the feeling of positive wellbeing.
  2. Increases your ability to be resilient. I believe we all want to come out of this pandemic feeling resilient, but there is an important ingredient to make that possible, mindset. Resilience is the ability to see obstacles as the natural progression to achieving success. Keeping an open mind makes the journey so much more manageable. Accompanied by the ability to laugh when times get touch is key to achieving resilience with ease and fun.
  3. Eases feelings of depression. When we consistently live in a state of fear and think unhappy thoughts, we are prone to become depressed. Laughter is a tool anyone can use to shift perspective and see life a little differently. Getting in a good chuckle is any easy way to create a healthy cocktail of hormones, neuropeptides and dopamine, when combined can shift your mood and relieve feelings of depression.
Here are a few easy ways to get yourself feeling good with a dose of laughter.
  • Watch your favorite comedian.
  • Read through texts gone wrong or silly jokes.
  • Catch up on classic or new bloopers via youtube.
  • Turn on your favorite funny movie or sitcom.
  • Laugh at nothing. Honestly, just start fake laughing. Real laughter will follow, I promise.
When life throws you a curve ball or times just seem a little more difficult then usual there is always a safe, easy and healthy way to feel better – Laugh. We hope you find time to laugh today.   Have a pressing topic you'd like us to discuss? Send us an email at Info@CaliforniaCanopy.com   Check out our Branding Questions of the Week (BQW)