Benefits of Sponsoring an Under-Served School, Club, Team, or League in Your Community

Many schools do not have the funds they need for branding their teams, leagues, or clubs. Branding is about more than just advertising; it’s about creating unity and pride for the students, athletes, school, and community. Your business can become a sponsor of the Affordable Canopy Act (ACA), helping underserved and underfunded communities look and feel good on and off the field.

Becoming an ACA sponsor

To become an ACA sponsor, you have to sign up with California Canopy. Being a sponsor means that you take a deserving school, team, club, or league in your community, or another underfunded community, and provide custom branded products. Having custom branded products, from canopies to sweatshirts, will have a very positive impact on the community, as well as your brand image. Giving back to your community is a big plus for consumers. Becoming and ACA sponsor benefits both your business and the people you are sponsoring.Helping underpriviledged schools

Benefits of becoming an ACA sponsor

Besides doing good for your community and kids, California Canopy will also help all the sponsors with their marketing campaign. We’ll make sure that you get a high return on your goodwill and sponsorship with a successful marketing campaign to get you the recognition you deserve.

Recognition for being an ACA sponsor

When you become a sponsor, your brand will sit alongside each school, club, team, or sport you sponsor. By being a sponsor and helping underserved communities, you will automatically get thousands of more impressions. California Canopy will also send out newsletters, targeting print media and websites to promote your sponsorship. You will have the potential to reach millions of potential customers with each release.

Targeting the right demographics

We will target your prime demographic to ensure maximum adequate exposure. We will utilize our social media, as well as create content for you to release in a variety of mediums, like print, digital, video, podcasts, and blogs. You will get all the promotional material to use on your websites, blogs, emails, and social media platform for many more impressions. To hear more about the benefits of becoming an ACA sponsor, contact California Canopy.