Branding Your Wedding, Bachelorette, and Bachelor Parties

In the world of Instagram and Pinterest, branding is everything. A wedding is a perfect time to start thinking about your brand as a couple. Discovering your brand, and finding your unique aesthetic will help you be cohesive in design for all of the events and traditions that come with a wedding. [caption id="attachment_8914" align="alignright" width="250"]Branding a wedding Create a signature wedding logo that will tie all wedding events together.[/caption]

Designing a cohesive wedding

You’re not branding your wedding to make money; you are branding your wedding to help tell a story and create a signature look. A wedding is more than just the ceremony and reception, some traditions lead up to the wedding, and having a unique logo or design will tie every event together and make the whole experience cohesive. The carefully designed logo can be used for the bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and the honeymoon.

Branding your invitations and paper goods

The most common use of a custom designed logo for your wedding will be used on all the stationary and paper products. Using the logo in every event will put a personal stamp on your wedding. It will also make your invitations and other paper products feel unique since everything deserves to be special for your wedding, from the cocktail napkins to the matching t-shirts that you’ll be wearing at your bachelor party.

Branded products make for awesome memorabilia

[caption id="attachment_8918" align="alignleft" width="250"]Bachelorette Party Logo Create a unique logo for your bachelorette party that matches the themes and colors of your wedding.[/caption] Branded products for your wedding make for awesome takeaways and memorabilia. For the traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties, think about making t-shirts for everyone to wear when they’re hitting the town. You can also make exclusive t-shirts for your wedding party. These are the types of t-shirts that you keep around for years because they come with a special memory.

Creating a personal logo for your wedding

By having a logo designed for your wedding, you also have a visual to show wedding planners, designers, and vendors so that they can get a feel for the style and theme of your wedding. The type of font and design that you use will help shape the overall design of your wedding. Branding your wedding experience for everyone will elevate the entire wedding and make it a day to remember for years to come. Get high-quality personalize branded products for your entire wedding at California Canopy.