Pump Up the Cool Factor at Your Next Tailgating Party

Football season has kicked off, and so have the tailgate parties. There’s an art to a great tailgate party, and the best are the ones with all the fun stuff. This football season, be the coolest person at the tailgate party with custom tailgating gear.

Customize Your Tailgating Party

[caption id="attachment_1244" align="alignleft" width="300"]Pro football tailgating table Put your team colors or custom design on our pro football tailgating table.[/caption] A tailgating party is all about showing team spirit. You want to come in team colors and display the team logo proudly. You also want to have something to attract your tailgating neighbors to your party. Good food will have everyone stopping by, but so will the cheers and the laughter from the friendly games of beer pong. And, for those waiting to play, be sure to have a few extra tailgating chairs.

Custom pro-Football Tailgating Tables

Your set up at a pre-game tailgating party needs to be sturdy, durable, and easy to transport. Our pro football tailgating tables are constructed with an aluminum frame. The tables are lightweight, highly portable, folds neatly together, and come with carrying handles. Use your table for games like beer pong, or to set up your food. Or both, no one said you couldn't have two tailgating tables at your tailgating party!

Custom Design

[caption id="attachment_1484" align="alignright" width="300"]Tailgating gear Customize your tailgating folding chair and have them ready for the next game.[/caption] Pump up the cool factor of your tailgating party by designing a high-gloss, photo-quality vinyl laminate to decorate your table. You can go with a design that celebrates your team, or your state. But you can also market your tailgating group. If this isn’t your first season tailgating and you have a group of regulars that you like to party with, chances are you’ve given yourself a name. You’ve maybe also gone so far as to designate a slogan for your tailgating gang.

Custom Tailgating Chairs

The more chairs, the merrier, right? You’re going to need a place to sit and place your drink. Our custom tailgating chairs are large, comfortable, tough (they’ve got plastic seat reinforcements and metal frame) and come with a carrying bag for easy transport.

Custom Embroidery

[caption id="attachment_1492" align="alignleft" width="300"]Fun promotional tools Add some games to your next tailgating party, like a custom corn hole set with team colors.[/caption] The back of the tailgating folding chair is large and unzips from the chair. Have your custom design embroidered or an imprint on the back of your chairs.

Custom Tailgating Gear

Get the custom tailgating gear that will have everyone talking and feeling a little jealous. We can have all products shipped to the lower 48 states within a few business days. Get your order in now, and we’ll get you set up for the next game. Get a quote on custom tailgating gear.