Custom School Canopies Enhance School Pride

If you’re running a business, you think a lot about how you can further brand awareness with marketing. When you run a department at your educational institution, it’s all about building school spirit and school pride. When you are hosting events - whether for fundraising, sports, or other student activities - you want to feature your school colors, logo, and mascot for maximum impact. Custom canopies are the perfect item to hype up school spirit and build confidence in your school, as well as provide a little relief from either rain or shine. [caption id="attachment_1272" align="alignright" width="380"]Custom canopies for schools Custom canopies build school pride.[/caption]

Custom canopies enhance school pride

From elementary school to college, most students work hard to find their own identity, as well as figure out where they belong in the world. A custom designed canopy may not seem like it’s going to cure teenage angst, but creating a world of inclusion at school - whether it’s middle, junior, high, or college - can make a world of difference to the students. Custom canopies can build community, confidence, and help kids perform better. Something as simple as a few canopies can create a safe space where students feel that they belong, a place where they can thrive.  

School spirit

For sporting events, seeing your school colors and logo on canopies around the athletic field can build team pride and build a stronger team. When a team feels like a team, and they see support from their fellow students and faculty, winning on the field increases. Plus, their confidence stays with them long after they leave the field. Looking to the spectators from the playing field and seeing classmates, parents, teachers, and faculty cheering you on from the custom pop-up canopies can be just what is needed to push your team to take home the win. [caption id="attachment_1110" align="alignright" width="370"]Custom school canopies Affordable custom canopies for your school.[/caption]

Custom school canopies

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Our goal is to provide a professional grade custom canopies to every school in America. We believe that every school deserves custom canopies to make an impact on their staff, students, and community. Plus, with a few school canopies, you can make your school stand out among all other schools at the event. Talk to us about our prices for professional grade custom pop-up canopies.