Make Your Trade Show Booth Fun and Interactive

Making your trade show booth interactive is a great way to be memorable. Interactive games and promotional items will help get your brand out there, giving people a great experience that will translate to a positive impression of your brand. The best marketing evokes emotion in customers, using games and interactive features at a trade booth can do just that. [caption id="attachment_6010" align="alignleft" width="300"]Promotional materials Get promotional materials for every event.[/caption]

Trade Show Swag

When you attend a trade show, you know you’re going to stock up on swag and promotional items. The trick is to brand promotional items that will be useful to your customers and not just end up in a junk drawer or the recycling. Think about things that are likely to stick around and serve a function. Reusable water bottles, keychains, and pens are something that people tend to keep around. Customize the merchandise cleanly and simply, so that it doesn’t feel too much like a commercial. The more appealing the swag, the more use it will get outside of the trade show, and the more significant the impact of your branding.


Get customized games that people can play at the trade show. Games may not have anything to do with your business, but it will get people to your booth. Once you have them at your booth, games can be a fun and interactive way to build relationships with new customers. Should they need your services, the experience you provide will stick in their minds, and they’ll think of you above your competition. [caption id="attachment_9929" align="alignleft" width="800"]Custom corn hole game set Customize a corn hole game set for your next trade show to draw in a crowd.[/caption] Custom cornhole games are a simple and effective way to attract people to your booth. The rules are simple, the boards and the bean bags are easy to transport and set up, and it’s appropriate for all ages. Cornhole games are adaptable to any situation, so it’s branding that is universal and fun. Get all your custom branded trade show materials from California Canopy.