Staying Cool in the California Sun with Custom Canopies

All athletes, especially those that live in California, need to be smart about the sun. Although there have been songs written about the California sunshine, anyone who has had to perform on the field, on the court, on in the pool with the sun beating down on them will tell you the importance of having a spot of shade to cool down and rehydrate. A custom canopy, complete with team colors and logo, is just what you need to give your athletes that extra edge. [caption id="attachment_1269" align="alignleft" width="581"]Custom Canopy Keep your athletes cool and competitive under a custom canopy.[/caption]

Protect athletes from the sun

While the sun is a life giving force, you also have to protect yourself from its glory. Although the sun does give you a boost of energy and it keeps your muscles warm and loose for better mobility, every athlete needs to be able to get into the shade whenever possible. Overheating leads to poor performance, as well as dehydration. Providing some shade so that they can continue to perform is the perfect balance between taking advantage of the great West Coast climate and playing outdoors, but also protecting athletes from the sun so that they don’t overheat.    

Staying cool and competitive

California isn’t the only state with a lot of sunshine. Every athlete in every state needs to be sun smart when playing their sports in the sun. The hotter it gets, the quicker it will deplete you of energy and fluids. When you are in the sun for prolonged periods of time, like a sporting event, you need to protect your athletes and keep them in peak performance. By having a few canopies set up where athletes can rest in between plays, innings, quarters, rounds, heats, or games, you not only keep them in fighting condition, but you are preventing more serious injuries. Plus, with a little shade, it will take your athletes less time to cool down and be ready to win for the team. [caption id="attachment_1676" align="alignleft" width="4032"]Protect your athletics from the sun. A little shade could give your athletes a competitive edge![/caption]

Canopies are cost effective

Having a few team canopies custom designed will not only give you team spirit but provide a place for players to cool down and rehydrate. In the summertime, when the sun is particularly intense, overheating and dehydration can lead to the need for medical attention. Medical attention can be costly, not to mention you’ll be down a team player. Think of your custom canopies as preventative care for your athletes.    

Affordable Custom Canopies

Speaking of preventative care, we know that custom canopies can be a big expense for schools and local teams that have a limited budget. That’s why we offer Affordable Custom Canopies, where we sell custom canopies at wholesale prices. Plus, all of our custom canopies include a design on all sides, a durable frame, and a carrying case. We make custom canopies affordable and accessible to everyone. [caption id="attachment_867" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Custom canopies Give your athletes a competitive edge with a little shade from a custom canopy.[/caption]

Professional grade custom canopies

Buy affordable professional grade custom canopies in bulk. If you are based in California and purchase three custom canopies, we’ll throw in the shipping for free!