Before You Can Brand, You Have to Create a Logo

Creating a logo is one of the most significant steps in branding your business. Your logo is like your mission statement, and your business philosophy translated into a piece of art, a symbol, or image. Here are some great tips to getting started on creating a logo that is going to stand the test of time, as well as make a great impression on your target audience.

Don’t limit your creativity

The first step in most creative processes is to brainstorm. Although the final logo should be simple, concise, and memorable; you want to start the process by casting a wide net. It’s always more accessible to reign in your ideas than to make them bigger, so don’t limit yourself in the beginning stages. [caption id="attachment_8855" align="alignright" width="250"]Creating a logo Keep it clean, simple, and reflective of your industry.[/caption]


Gather your friends, relatives, and partners - anyone who is creative and has an investment in your company - for a creative brainstorming session. Start by free-associating a list of adjectives and phrases that describe your business. Write everything down and say “yes” to everything. Never limit your creativity.

Get up and move

Getting up and moving about, throwing a ball, or keeping a balloon from touching the ground will keep your mind free and open. If you’re sitting still you’re more likely to cut off your creative juices and get stuck in your head, so get up and move.

Images and symbols that represent your business

Once you have an exhaustive list of adjectives to describe your business, start another creative session where you try to come up with symbols and images that represent your business. Don’t worry about not being able to draw, this is simply about getting the ideas down on paper.

Personalizing the font

[caption id="attachment_8854" align="alignleft" width="250"]Creating an effective logo A personalized font will make your logo instantly recognizable.[/caption] The name of your business needs to be featured in the logo. If you have a unique font, this may be all you need to make the name of your business stand out. The type of font you use can evoke emotion and cause a sensory response, so don’t discount the kind of font that you choose - or create - for your logo.


Color is going to be a major part of your logo. Keep it clean and simple, but choose a color that reflects your personality and your business philosophy. Color has character and a psychological effect on your audience, so be smart when you select a color. Once you have a logo, get all of your branding materials so you can start to saturate the market and expand your reach. Contact California Canopy for all of your branding materials.