Branding Guide Will Help You Coordinate a Successful Rebranding

Rebranding your school is a huge effort that takes a lot of coordination of various elements. It can be hugely profitable, however, there are so many various elements to consider that the chances for a mistake are fairly likely. At California Canopy, we offer a rebranding guide to help you get all of your ducks in a row for successfully rebranding your school.

Rebranding coordination

[caption id="attachment_6760" align="alignright" width="300"]Rebranding your school With a rebranding guide, it will be easy for every department to be consistent.[/caption] Rebranding needs to happen in one big coordinated swoop for the biggest impact. You can’t change a few departments and a few logos at a time. Rebranding is a huge undertaking, so make sure that you are ready. To ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, we offer rebranding guides to help anyone rebrand successfully.

Department coordination

Every department needs to be on board. To make your rebranding effort a success you have to coordinate every aspect to make sure that the rebranding reveal is consistent throughout your school. Remember, branding should unify your school more than anything, so if you aren’t consistent with your rebranding effort it could end up working against you.

Logo design

When you rebrand you still need to be consistent. If you change the logo of your school, enhance the colors, or make small changes in the design and layout, you need to change every logo design. Every department in the school should have a consistent logo whether it’s for sports, academics, clubs, activities, or universal. If the logos are slightly different from department to department your school won’t seem unified. Consistency will increase the impact of your rebranding efforts.


[caption id="attachment_6763" align="alignleft" width="300"]Rebranding Rebranding should be a consistent and coordinated effort to be successful.[/caption] If you’re updating your tagline, make sure that tagline is changed everywhere, from your website to your printed marketing materials, to the locker rooms, to the stadium, and anywhere your tagline is represented.

Fonts and colors

From physical branding products, like custom canopies, banners, signs, flags, and merchandise to your school's website and social media accounts, you need to make sure that the font and the colors match everywhere. Talk to California Canopy about rebranding. We’ll make sure all your custom products match and there is a universal guide that every department can follow to keep all your school products/website consistent.