Custom Canopies are Affordable and Effective Marketing Tools

Using a canopy or pop-up tent with your company logo is one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools. The next time you go to an event, trade show, or festival, bring a custom canopy to draw attention to your brand. The return on investment that you get from a professional grade canopy with a custom design is unbeatable. Plus, if you’re going to be networking and schmoozing outdoors all day, you’re going to be happy you brought a little shade, and so will potential customers. [caption id="attachment_869" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Custom canopies to promote your brand Get custom canopies to stand out at your next event.[/caption]

Canopies are easy to transport, set-up, and break down

Even with a simple booth setup at an event can quickly turn into a long list of things to bring. The best part of our custom canopies is that they are professional grade, durable, and easy to transport from event to event. Our 10’x10’ custom canopies are the perfect size for trade shows or outdoor promotional events and will make a classy frame for your booth. Plus, they’re easy to set up and break down, minimizing the wear and the tear for a longer lifespan. When you’re ready to go, you’ll put them back in their storage bag with wheels, so they easily travel.  

Additional marketing and signage for your booth

Of course, if you’ve ever been to a trade show or event that features many other brands, you know it can be hard to stand out. That’s why we offer our customers printing on all four sides and peaks of the canopy, maximizing the impact of your canopy. We make sure that your brand is seen from all angles, no matter where on the event grounds your booth is located.   [caption id="attachment_1481" align="alignright" width="444"]Marketing Materials Put your logo and design right on the transportable cornhole game set for your next event.[/caption]

Canopy sidewalls

Add a side wall to your canopy with a bigger image of your brand. Not only will this add to your visibility, but it can give you a little relief from the wind and other weather. For outdoor events, the canopy will give you much-needed shade, and a sidewall can protect all of your materials from flying off of the table.

Custom tablecloths

Speaking of tables, you’re going to want to cover up that folding table with something to add to the ambiance of your booth. If you really want to make a great impression, get a custom tablecloth for even more brand visibility, and make your booth more fun and welcoming.  

Custom folding table and chairs

Of course, we can also put your custom design right on that folding table to make it unique and memorable, as well as the folding chairs. You have to remember that you’ll most likely be placing a lot of materials on that table, so having a custom table cloth with your logo on the overhang is a great way to make sure your brand isn’t being obstructed by the marketing and promotional materials. [caption id="attachment_1563" align="alignright" width="461"]custom canopy Professional grade custom canopies with design on all four peaks.[/caption]

Professional grade canopies at wholesale prices

Why not start with getting your custom canopies, and then you can always add more custom marketing materials like banners, sidewalls, tables, and chairs featuring your brand. We sell professional grade custom canopies at wholesale prices. For more information, check out our marketing and signage products.