Custom Canopies Keeps You Ten Degrees Cooler On a Hot Day

If there’s one thing, California is known for is hot, sunny summers. The California sun is great when you’re on vacation or sitting by the pool, but what about the days when you have to go to work outside? Sometimes, whether you’re an athlete or a business owner, you’ll find yourself outside. Having a little shade can make you feel a lot cooler. With the right type of shade, you can also look more relaxed, too.

Staying cool in the California sun

Athletes spend a great deal of time outside in the sun during practice and the games. Big games are also great promotional opportunities for local businesses. Both business owners and athletes will need a bit of shade to keep cool. Having a custom canopy that both promotes your team or your business can make a hot summer day feel 10 - 15 degrees cooler than when you are standing in direct sunlight. [caption id="attachment_5420" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Custom canopies for summer Stay 10 degrees cooler under your custom canopy.[/caption]

Shade vs. sunlight

Although shade gives great relief from the sun, the air in the shade is not any cooler than the air in the sun. It feels like shade is cooler because you are not feeling the solar radiation on our skin. Solar radiation is what is going to burn, making the sun feel much hotter than in the shade.

Custom canopies

Having a custom canopy will not only provide you with a bit of shade so that you can stand to be outside all day promoting your business, but it will also act as an inviting cool place for potential customers. Allowing people to get out of the sun for a minute with your cool custom canopy may bring in new customers, and all because you provided a bit of shade.Summer Shade

Protection from elements

Custom canopies don’t just shield you from the hot sun, but they can protect you against all the elements. Wind, rain, or sunshine, a custom canopy is going to protect you and make you comfortable all day long. When it’s hot, you can keep it open on all sides, allowing for a cool breeze. When it’s windy or rainy, you can put up walls to further protect you from the weather. Customize your canopy at California Canopies. Our canopies are affordable, durable, and easy to transport. They’ll protect you rain or shine, and you can design the canopy to promote your school, business, team, club, or church wherever you go.