Get Your Promo Materials Ready for March Madness 2018

March Madness is coming up, and it all begins on Selection Sunday, March 11th, 2018. Selection Sunday is when the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Committee reveals the 68 teams that have been selected for the 2018 basketball championships. And for the first time, it will all be televised, so we hope you have your promo materials, banners, flags, and photo backdrops ready for the 2018 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

Picking the field for Selection Sunday

There are many misconceptions about how the committee chooses the field for the championship. Many seem to think that unless you’re UCLA, you don’t have a chance of getting selected. There are also conspiracy theories of backroom handshakes and everything being decided depending on TV ratings during the season. And for those of you who like to give your two cents on social media, the committee may appreciate your opinion, however, they do not take social media chatter into consideration when they pick the field. The truth is, when it comes to picking the field on Selection Sunday, every game counts, every stat matters, and no team, game, or player is more important than the next.

Upsets during March Madness is recruitment gold

Fans have their favorites and tend to stay fiercely loyal to their alma mater. But, there’s another thing that sports fans love almost as much as their home team, and that’s a good upset. During March Madness, the underdog victories, the so-called “Cinderella Stories,” are great recruitment tools for any school. In recent years, schools that have outperformed expectation during March Madness have seen huge upticks in applications and overall interest from potential students and top athletes.School promo materials for March Madness

School promotional materials

Along with surprising victories during March Madness comes a lot of media attention. Make sure you have banners, flags, photo backdrops and canopies customized with your school name, colors, and mascot. You want to look good when national TV stations come for an interview, or local newspapers print photos. Get your promo materials ready for March Madness. Make sure they are high quality and easy to transport from game to game. California Canopy provides professional grade custom products at affordable prices, helping every school, team, and business stand out from the crowd!