Helping Underpriviledged and Underfunded Schools Get Custom Branding

It’s no secret that schools are underfunded. Thriving in a school setting and preparing our kids for the future requires a well-rounded educational experience. That means giving kids opportunities to play in sport, participate in clubs and activities to expand their interests and make them more well-rounded individuals. California Canopy is committed to helping schools provide a more unified and well-rounded experience for the students with our Affordable Canopy Act. [caption id="attachment_5923" align="alignright" width="350"]Help underpriviledged schools Every month, we will donate a custom canopy to an underprivileged school.[/caption]

Branding your school or business

We specialize in custom canopies, banners, flags, and other promotional materials for schools, athletic programs, and businesses. We sell professional grade products at wholesale prices, making it easy and affordable for anyone to brand their school, team, and business. However, not every school can afford to spend money on custom branding. Custom branding materials may seem like a luxury item, but a few custom canopies and banners can make a world of difference to a school.

How do custom canopies help your school?

Custom branded materials that highlight your school, sport, team, or club is a way to make students feel like a team. Canopies aren’t just practical, shading you from wind and sun; they will also bring more recognition to your school and increase team spirit. The better your branding, the more likely you are to attract more students and better teachers. [caption id="attachment_5421" align="alignleft" width="350"]California Canopy Act The Affordable Canopy Act gives underfunded schools, and athletic programs access to custom branded canopies.[/caption]

Supporting underprivileged schools

You can provide these important branding resources to help an underprivileged school. Become a partner in our Affordable Canopy Act by helping us identify schools that need our help. With your help, we pledge to donate one custom canopy a month to a school, team, league, or club that is economically challenged. Together, we can provide underfunded schools with custom branded products to improve unity and confidence. At California Canopy, our mission is to provide professional grade custom products at affordable prices, helping every school, team, and business stand out from the crowd! With your help and the Affordable Canopy Act, we can make this possible for every school, regardless of funding.