Sponsor an Underserved School in California with Custom Branded Products

One good deed deserves another. That’s why California Canopy is making it easy for our customers to pay it forward when they get their custom branded products. There are many good causes to give to, but none is more important and deserving than supporting one of the many underserved schools in California.

Underserved schools in California

Sponsor under-served school Many schools in California alone need our help to become better, and much of that comes down to funding. Poor performance and low graduation rates are just a few of the symptoms of an underfunded classroom. Low morale is also a factor. When a school does not have the resources or funding to provide students with the guidance and education that they need, the results are poor. Sports and extracurricular activities are often the first to suffer from depleting school budgets. But playing in sports or being part of a team, club, or league has many benefits for all students. Giving students a sense of belonging and pride are just a few of the qualities that you can foster, but it requires money to help create that sense of unity.

Money for branding

Branding is a huge part of school pride and giving students a sense of belonging. Custom branded canopies, flags, banners, and other paraphernalia touting school colors can make your school feel more powerful and proud. Showing up at an away game in matching uniforms will make your athletes and students feel like a team. Many schools cannot afford to give this to their students, but you can. [caption id="attachment_5478" align="alignleft" width="300"]become an ACA partner Provide custom branded products to an underserved school through our Affordable Canopy Act.[/caption]

Sponsor a team, club, or league

When you get custom branded products for your business, you can become a sponsor of a school, team, club, or league in an underserved community. Your business will get recognition through a targeted marketing campaign, and an underserved community will get custom branded products to help raise their school spirit. Everybody wins. Talk to California Canopy about sponsoring an underserved school with custom branded products.