Three Lightweight Professional Grade Custom Canopies for Every Occasion

Our mission is to provide the best custom canopies to schools and businesses made from quality materials and sold at affordable prices. We believe that every school should be able to afford quality canopies to enhance their school brand and their school pride.

High-quality custom canopies

[caption id="attachment_5090" align="alignright" width="300"]Custom canopies Choose the right size custom canopy to provide shade and shelter for athletes and spectators.[/caption] When you’re buying canopies for your school, chances are you’ll need several. For a school to have consistent branding, you need to have consistent marketing and promotional materials. Having the same beautiful canopies for every sporting event, every fundraiser and every school club will have the strongest impact. We have three lightweight, easy to set up, durable, and attractive frame canopies to choose from.

Hexagon aluminum frame

The frame tent is the most durable and sturdy type of canopy and perfect for sporting events. The aluminum frame is both lightweight and rust and corrosion resistant. It’s a great choice to provide shelter for all types of outdoor and indoor events. The canopy is made of professional grade polyester fabric that is well suited for printing your own design and logo.

Hexagon steel frame

  [caption id="attachment_5681" align="alignleft" width="300"]Best custom canopies All canopies travel well and are easy to set up and break down.[/caption] The steel frame canopy is powder coated for an extra layer of protection. Perfect for outdoor events in any weather or climate. The construction and the framework are solid, yet easy to set up and break down. It comes with the same high-quality polyester fabric as the other canopies.  

Hexagon texture coated steel frame

If you want your steel frame custom canopy to have a little extra pizazz, then get the texture coated steel frame, also known as “hammer tone texture powder coating.” The powder coating will provide extra protection to the steel frame, but the texture in the coating will add an extra decorative design element to make your canopy stand out in a sea of other canopies.

Customize your canopy

All of our canopies include custom color fabric, full-color logo print on all four sides, and a two-year warranty. Our custom canopies are a great resource for shade and shelter, but also serve as a powerful promotional item for your school or team. California Canopy is proud to serve local and national sports programs, education institutions, community groups, and businesses, providing an affordable solution to promoting and building team environments through custom products and fundraising campaigns.