California Canopy Affiliate Program

Where earning money and helping others is just a click away.

Earn Money & Help the Underprivileged

  • Have you been searching for an additional revenue stream?
  • Would you enjoy helping others without any added work, every time you make money?
  • Then California Canopy’s Affiliate Program is right for you!

Here’s how to Earn

  • Browse California Canopy specializes in providing top of the line custom products, including but not limited to canopies, photo backdrops, tablecloths, banner flags, chairs and more. Check out the products available in our affiliate program and see what’s right for your audience.
  • Promote It’s fast and easy to promote and share your affiliate link with our customizable marketing resources. As an affiliate, you will receive custom website banners, email templates and printable marketing pieces.
  • Earn Get paid for every referral that purchases through your shared link. We’ll keep track of how many purchases are made and you’ll get paid quarterly.
  • Impact Underprivileged Students & Athletes Not only will your marketing and conversions benefit you, they will also impact underprivileged schools and athletes. With no out of pocket cost to you, a portion of your sales will go to the Affordable Canopy Act (ACA). This program is designed so that every month, California Canopy presents a custom canopy to one qualified underprivileged school, club, league or team.

How it Works

  • BROWSE Check out the custom products we offer in our affiliate program. Plenty to Choose From With the assortment available, your audience has a number of products they can customize to their brand – building unity and confidence in their team environments.
  • Professional Grade – Exceptional Service California Canopy specializes in offering professional grade custom products that you can ensure your audience will love. With every interaction we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service you can count on.
  • PROMOTE We’ve made it easy to share with your audience.
  • Get the powerful tools you need. We have a variety of promotional tools that will help you maximize exposure and earn more money.
  • Use one or all to make your impact. • Website banners – customized to your website and branding • Email marketing – customizable email templates to easily edit and send • Print materials – customize printable advertisements to distribute on the go
  • Know what’s working for you. You’ll get insights from easy-to-understand reports and analytics geared toward measuring and improving performance.
  • EARN It feels good to share great products. It feels even better to get paid when they sell.
  • What do I get paid? You’ll earn a percentage of sales whenever someone uses your affiliate link to request a quote and make a purchase. Partners earn a percentage of the list price. The earned percentage is the same for all items purchased.
  • When do I get paid? Getting paid is easy and straightforward. You’ll be paid every quarter with payment being initiated and/or check mailed by January 6th, April 6th, July 6th and October 6th. Quarterly payments will be made for all orders that have been paid in full.
  • How do I track my sales? Upon registering to become an affiliate, you will receive a custom affiliate link tracking clicks from your website to ours. Through your affiliate link, your customer(s) will be directed to a landing page with a list of products where they can request a quote and custom artwork. Once they approve the design they can complete their purchase. We track purchases and post your earnings. You can view your earnings on your dashboard within 24 hours of a purchase being made.
  • HELP OTHERS Every time you sell a custom canopy through the affiliate program, you are helping underprivileged schools and athletic programs.
  • Icing on the Cake – Could it get any better? California Canopy will present a least one custom canopy each month to an underprivileged school or athletic program through our Affordable Canopy Act (ACA) partnerships. Your sales, with no out of pocket cost to you, help fund the ACA program and make a positive impact on the lives of students and athletes throughout the U.S.

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